NASA SEWP V Group B Competitive Advantage

NASA SEWP V Contract Holder Information

SEWP Contract: NNG15SD18B Group B (SDVOSB)
Contract Period:
April 30, 2015 through April 30, 2025
Group B (SDVOSB)


Contact Information:
Paul Salazar
Program Manager
Phone: 703-626-1044

Cyril Uy
Deputy Program Manager
Phone: 703.598.9370


Federal Market Exposure:

Annual Federal purchases using NASA SEWP V in 2018 exceeded $4.1B, with over 31,000 orders for products like yours. The Department of Defense (DoD, Air Force, Navy, Army, etc.) alone purchased over $1.5B, Veteran Affairs over $600M, Department of Justice over $370M and nearly every other federal agency made purchase via NASA SEWP V.

Competitive Advantage:

There are over 150 NASA SEWP V Prime contract holders.  AATD significantly limits your competition as a Prime Group B Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  In Group B there are only 25 contract holders and of that 25, only four are also Small Business Administration 8(a) certified and AATD is one of the four.  The advantage to you as an AATD partner is a competitive edge to limit the competition and quickly close more business.

Rapid Procurement:

Procurement with SEWP V, Group B SDVOSB is fast and efficient.  In 2018, AATD successfully procured products and services in five to seven days using Group B SDVOSB.  So, if you have a product and or services package for sale to the federal government, we can quickly get them listed on NASA SEWP V positioning you immediately to participate in a $4B Federal Marketplace.

Adding Products is Fast and Easy:

Our partners provide us with a list of the products for inclusion to the SEWP V contract.  AATD submits the manufacturer products list to NASA SEWP for approval.  AATD normally receive approval from NASA SEWP within 12 -24 hours.  Upon approval and within 6 -12 hours, AATD will add your products to our SEWP V, Group B SDVOSB contract and your company’s products and services are able to compete in the $4B Federal Marketplace.  Other contracts like GSA Schedule 70, can take upwards of 6-9 months to add products and services on their contract vehicle.

Accelerated Payment of Invoices:

An added advantage of doing business with AATD is our Small Business designation.  We qualify for the “Accelerated Payment” of invoices and in many instances, we we’re in receipt of payment between 12 to 18 days of invoicing the government.  The value proposition is simple…accelerated payment of invoices to AATD equals accelerated payment of invoices to you, our partner.

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