Case Study – USAF

United States Air Force

Tasks: Identify individual compliance statements contained within AF regulations. Prioritize each statement and make recommendations to clarify and reduce the content of Air Force guidance.

Identified over 40% reduction in Air Force guidance.”

Project Information



Our customer lacked precise knowledge of what they were asking the enterprise to comply with over 1300 Air Force Instructions (AFIs) (regulations). Thus, the secondary challenge was to identify to the sentence level the individual compliance statements or requirements contained within the AFIs.

Another challenge was they were without visibility of the enterprise compliance landscape to readily prove compliance. They also required a process to identify, clarify, and prioritize individual requirements and remove old, outdated, and requirements that were no longer valid or necessary.

The customer was also without the ability to mitigate the challenge of maintaining a sustainable compliance level across its nine distinct functional missions areas and enterprise.


Our Solution to the Compliance Management Challenges

The core of our solution was to give the customer explicit knowledge of the correct size and magnitude of the compliance requirement landscape; to the statement level. Compliance statements are the regulatory drivers to how, what, when, and where when the Air Force executes mission tasks. A coordinated effort with the Air Force nine functionals, our proprietary solution, and subject matter experts would be vital success drivers.

We needed to validate and provide visibility on the accurate number of compliance statements initially estimates said to be 65 thousand. It was also necessary to identify and recommend the removal of outdated, invalid compliance statements.

The identification of the locations of obsolete, invalid compliance statements, and an accurate statement count was also a critical step to improved future compliance sustainment.

Benefits of Compliance Improvement

We delivered explicit knowledge of compliance size and magnitude and easily understood guidance improves compliance and drives efficiency at every level of an organization.

The Air Force’s actual number of compliance statements were more than 320 thousand. That was nearly five-time greater than initial estimates by the customer.

In coordination with the Air Force nine functionals areas, we verified that over 40 percent of the 320 thousand statements were no longer valid or obsolete. The net reduction and efficiency opportunity for the Air Force of 40 percent compliance statements for the enterprise.

Gained significant cost savings by eliminating outdated and irrelevant resource wasting tasks

Client Profile

The United States Air Force is the aerial and space warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of three military services within the Department of Defense.

The U.S. Air Force has over 1300 policy documents, instructions and manuals that guide all aspects of daily operations and mission accomplishment.

Success Highlights

  • Identified over 300 thousand compliance statements or requirements within Air Force guidance publications
  • Recommended reductions of over 40% to Air Force requirements
  • Prioritized guidance content to assist in decision making and resource allocation
  • Improved content clarity
  • Provided updates for over 1300 Air Force publications

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