GUICE2 Mitigates Universal Compliance Challenge

Knowing precisely what compliance data sources you must comply

GUICE2 provides an aggregated graphical view of your entire compliance landscape. This view of relevant laws, regulations, and policies delivers the knowledge of what authoritative data sources you must comply within a single view. This feature of GUICE2 gives absolute content transparency to mitigate this challenge fully and provides a focus on your compliance priorities. Illustration of an aggregation of authoritative data sources encircling a regulatory requirement, as shown in Illustration 1.




Illustration 1: Shows an abbreviated representation of an aggregation of SCRM authoritative data sources encircling a compliance priority or requirement.









Proof of compliance with authoritative data

The proof of compliance inherently comes via visibility of graphically linked content across the compliance landscape. Visible red highlighted areas of conflicts within the landscape are notifications of noncompliance. These red indicators allow rapid mitigation of disagreement.

The dynamic graphical visualization is encompassing the compliance landscape, as seen in Illustration 2. GUICE2 delivers an impressive single view of the landscape that triggers seamless, efficient policy development and management. The modeling and simulation features of GUICE2 afford users the ability to preview the impact of new internal policy changes within the compliance landscape before final publishing. Further, this unique GUICE2 feature mitigates the risk of implementing new policies that cause unintended noncompliance.

Sustaining compliance 24/7 amid constant regulatory changes
The graphical visualization of your compliance landscape is also integral to sustaining compliance, as shown in Illustration 2. This view acts as a constant reminder of your compliance state. When compliance anomalies occur, you’ll receive two-way notifications both within the landscape view and alerts to your business system(s). It is a reality that compliance is seldom idle; in fact, it is in a constant state of change requiring controls and regular monitoring. Since laws, regulations, and policies can change without notice, causing a period of noncompliance, control monitoring is essential for compliance success.


Illustration 2: Addresses the proof of the of compliance and also compliance sustainment in a single view.










Operationalizing compliance into your business system

The operationalization of compliance data is a matter of using Application Programming Interface (API) to infuse accurate, authoritative data into your business system or workflow. GUICE2 is agnostic to the brand or type of business system. Accurate, updated, GUICE2 data is capable of infusion into any business with an open or accessible API. GUICE2 delivers 24/7 alerts to the business system or entity designated by the business system owner(s).

The results of the GUICE2 infused system is a compliance-based business system. Some of the many advantage and benefits of a compliance-based business system are:

• User can perform a task in the system correctly the first time
• Infused data acts as a step-by-step checklist for users
• Continuously accurate and updated data drive users actions
• Significantly reduced training for end-user
• Rapid assimilation of the business process by users
• Competent workforce and proficient in executing






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