Results of a GUICE2 CMO Implementation

Results of a GUICE2 CMO Implementation
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For many organizations the lack of compliance transparency is a fact of life. When compliance officers and stakeholders fail to ensure personnel comply with elements of compliance, penalties or mission failure may the result. Research and experience consistently point to the lack of transparency as a major driver for the shortfalls of successful Compliance Management and Oversight (CMO). Absolute transparency of your compliance landscape is an inherent component of GUICE2. See Illustration 1

Illustration 1: Bottom line…with we aim to allow every member of an organization easy access to accurate compliance landscape of data from across relevant to their priorities and or requirements; from Laws to local policy instructions for mission success.

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GUICE2 delivers a graphical aggregation of all relevant authoritative compliance data. This affords stakeholders a holistic granulated view of both relevant external authoritative compliance data and internal policies to the sentence level. This integrated graphical view will show a detailed mapping of the relevant content of all laws, regulations and policies with their relationship to associated requirements. This graphical aggregation feature of the solution delivers absolute compliance transparency. Such a level of transparency will help mitigate the challenges and complexities of all aspect of compliance management oversight.

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When compliance conflicts occur GUICE2 triggers an alert within the compliance landscape. This acts as a major risk mitigator in preventing situations of noncompliance. Said in another way, alerts ensure 24/7 situational awareness of the enterprise state of compliance and rapid noncompliance mitigation. Stakeholders can drill down to the sentence level of any law, regulation and or policy impacting the compliance landscape.

Illustration 2: Shows the highlighted conflicts and risks factors across the compliance landscape; identified in red assists rapid mitigation

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Using API integration GUICE2 easily integrate into business systems making the system compliance based. When GUICE2 data is integrated into a client’s business systems, the compliance data act as an insurance policy for ensuring users perform tasks according the accurate updated guidance.