What is Supply Chain and Risk Management (SCRM)
The supply chain is the interconnected web of people, processes, technology, information and resources that delivers a product or service. Supply chain risk is the possibly of an adversary exploiting a weakness that could compromise a component of your supply chain.
What AATD is offering our customers is a fully automated solution to help operationalize performance that will help maintain an organization’s compliance with any governing body.

The solution is specifically designed to mitigate the four universal challenges shown below

  • Knowing specifically what you need to comply with
  • Lack of proof of compliance with authoritative data
  • Sustaining compliance amid constant regulatory changes
  • Inability to operationalize compliance into business systems

Our SCRM solution is broken up into two components, a GUICE Component and MS Office Workflow component

GUICE2 Component

  • The GUICE2 component provides visibility across the SCRM compliance landscape of relevant laws, policies and regulations.

MS Workflow Component

  • This component allows for seamlessly integrated SCRM compliant workflows that will be developed using the MS Office 365 Suite of capabilities.

In conclusion our proposed solution will help any organization maintain the necessary level of SCRM compliance with any governing body’s policies, regulations and directives. GUICE2 SCRM creates an unbroken chain of compliance from authoritative sources to transactional logging that stays in-tact despite constant regulatory change. The unbroken chain of compliance provided by GUICE2 SCRM effectively helps mitigates all four universal compliance challenges.

How SCRM mitigates the Universal Compliance Challenges

  • Challenge 1: Knowing specifically what you need to comply with
    • Within GUICE2, a library of SCRM authoritative source documents will be ingested and maintained. Additionally, an accurate SCRM compliance data set will be built from the individual requirement statements contained within the authoritative SCRM documents that a prime contractor must care about to perform SCRM on the contract in a compliant manner. The visibility GUICE2 provides across authoritative SCRM sources mitigates challenge 1
  • Challenge 2: Sustaining compliance amid constant regulatory changes
    • GUICE2 monitors SCRM authoritative sources 24/7 and will download, ingest and process updates to keep the SCRM data set up-to-date as changes occur in the base documents over time. This constant monitoring and processing of updates provided by GUICE2 mitigates challenge 2
  • Challenge 3: Inability to operationalize compliance into business systems
    • The SCRM compliant workflows will be automated using the MS Office 365 suite of capabilities. In total they will be specifically designed and built to satisfy the compliance requirements of the SCRM compliance data set. Each time a GUICE2 enabled workflow is executed, it is infused with a fresh, accurate, up-to-date SCRM compliance data set. If the SCRM requirements have changed since the last time the workflow was executed, automatic alerts will be provided to the user directly on the workflow screen that describes the change in sufficient detail for a decision to be made on how to proceed with accomplishment of the task. Seamlessly integrated workflows infused with accurate compliance data will mitigate challenge 3
  • Challenge 4: Lack of proof of compliance with authoritative data
    • A transaction logging function will be built into each SCRM workflow. When each workflow step is accomplished, a log entry will be made that specifically identifies the SCRM requirements met, which user accomplished them and when they were accomplished. This logging function provides a record of compliance and mitigates challenge 4

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